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Here on our online smoke shop you will find the best Water Pipes, Vaporizers and Tobacco Pipes. Not only do we stock quality cheap glass pipes for under $10, we also stock high end branded glass and tobaco pipes from such well known names as American Talent, PHX, ZOB, idab, Liquid, Helix and Chameleon Glass. All our glass and wood pipes come in a range of designs, colours and materials to suit every need. We understand that our customers all have different wants and needs and so we try to cater to all preferences. We have cheap acrylic pipes as well as quality hand made glass pipes of all sizes. As well as trying to accommodate peoples different financial situations, we also want to accommodate your aesthetic preferences, we have some crazy and colourful water pipes for you to choose from.

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Atmos Optimus V2 Kit Blue

The Optimus V2 vaporizer has a new trendy design featuring curves for a more relaxed grip when vaping. Its measuring scale allows you see the amount of oil in the cartridge. The cartridge is made with a unique wickless chamber that heats up your oils evenly and neatly.

AtmosRx Dry Herb Kit Black

The AtmosRx Dry Herbs Kit is used to heat dry herbs & waxy oils. It’s made with a wickless Ceramic Heating Chamber to provide maximum vaping experience. This device is made durable and built to last. Developed and designed by Atmos Nation.


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MYA QT Classic Hookahs

MYA QT is a Piece of Art. This 14 inch MYA QT S-Class is Packaged in a Wire Basket. The Mya QT comes with a number of hookah accessories including: Green Glass Base, Chrome Stem, Tobacco Burner, Leather Hose, Chrome Plate and Tongs. When it comes to classic hookahs, the Mya QT shows style


Features: * 2 Different Flames (Jet Torch & Lava Flames) * Continuous Flame Lock Lever * Flame Length Adjust Lever * Ignition Button with Safety Feature * Each Rapidfire comes with a complimentary UL listed 7.8 fl. oz. Vector butane gas refill.
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Zong Rasta Frit

Zong Rasta Frit diffused Bubler
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